Have you ever looked with envy at movie actresses with their flawlessly applied make-up and wished that you look the same? It may interest you to know that it is possible for you to have flawless makeup application once you become familiar with and have mastered the techniques used by a makeup artist.(if you prefer more amazing makeup,why not to go for here mink lashes wholesale) Just like painting on canvas, practice will make perfect. Only this time around, the human face is your canvas. This is the reason why we call someone who applies make up a "make up artist" because they really are an artist. Using various makeup application techniques the artist can make someone look young, old, scarred, scary or have a perfectly unblemished skin.

Appropriately applied makeup can contribute a lot towards projecting that persona that you would like the world to see. For this reason, it will help a lot if you learn how to become a makeup artist yourself, even if you will not take up makeup application as a profession. Perhaps you can start by taking up the free makeup lessons offered by the larger cosmetic companies at their product counters in department stores. They give pointers on how to use their latest products, of course, with a view to selling them to the customers. These salesgirls are quite adept at applying makeup and you can benefit from having all the shades of foundation, powder, mascara, lipstick or eye shadows available for you to try on without having to buy any of them right away.

Being able to apply makeup flawlessly entails a full understanding of the overall image that you want to project. You will have a different make up regimen if you work in an office, if you are a senior executive in a company, if you are a teacher, a salesperson or a stay at home mom.

Let us begin with everyday make up. If you are unsure of how much makeup to put on, it is always more prudent to err on the side of having too little than too much make up. If you are still experimenting on what you will be most comfortable in, you can start by using a soft, matte palette of colors. Depending on your preference as a make up artist, you can choose a liquid, a cream, a cake or a mousse foundation in a shade that is closest to your natural skin color. Choose a companion concealer for areas that have a blemish or for the under eye area that is often a shade darker than the rest of your face. Put on the concealer first and then the foundation making sure that the edges are well blended. When choosing your foundation, you should know what kind of skin you have - oily or dry or combination. It will also help if you know your skin tone so that you get the full benefit from your foundation. There are oil-free formulas for already oil skin and cream-based ones for dry skin types. Apply you foundation under the same kind of light that you will be appearing in.

There are lighted mirrors that you can buy for this purpose. Bring out the make up artist in you by learning how to use shimmer sticks, bronzing powders or liquid foundations with a shimmery finish. Used in the right amount and on the right places on your cheekbones or on your jaw line, these will add a healthy glow to your face. If you have oily skin, learn how to use blotting paper to skim off the oils that tend to show on your face around midday or even earlier. The cheeks can always use a touch of warmth.(click the web : http://www.oifam.com to order best quality 3d mink lashes) Dab some darker shade of color from you foundation on the apple of your cheeks, blending them in a circular motion.